List of STD Codes in India

Subscriber Trunk Dialing (STD) is a unique telephone system that helps subscribers to connect with other states without assistance of any human operator. Earlier, making long-distance calls was a bit tough, as a person could not make a call directly. However, the system gradually changed to better with the introduction of STD codes that enabled people to connect the call directly to their friends and family situated in other states. In India, every city, town and village has been assigned a particular STD code, which is 2 to 8 digits long.

The country has been divided into Tier I and Tier II list of cities with 2 and 3 digits of STD codes respectively. In addition to this, the maximum length of Indian phone numbers is of 10 digits and every such number has a specific operator code.You must also know that you don't have to add any prefix if you are making a call in the area with same STD code.At our website, you can avail the entire information of all the STD codes of India to make calling easier. Our customer support team will provide you complete assistance. Thus, you can reach us to acquire details of STD codes.